Audioquest NRG-Y2

AUDIOQUEST NRG-Y2 est un câble secteur destiné aux sources équipées d'un câble détachable 2 pôles. Nous parlons de certains lecteurs CD (le Yamaha CDS303 par exemple), de lecteurs Bluray, des streamers Bluesound et des micro-chaînes Marantz MCR612 et 412, pour ne citer qu'elles.

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Données constructeur

Long-Grain Copper (LGC)
Long-Grain Copper (LGC) minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries that exist within any metal conductor.
ZERO Tech: No Characteristic Impedance
While many AC power cables feature low DC resistance in order to accommodate the demand for high current, a cable’s characteristic impedance is also crucial for optimal performance. Unlike most AC cables that constrict or compress an audio-provoked transient, AudioQuest AC cables combine low DC resistance and zero (no) characteristic impedance in order to deliver uncompressed transients on demand.
Silver-Plated Drain Wires
Direction-controlled Silver-Plated shield conductors efficiently drain RF noise from the line and neutral shields to ground via the third “ground” pin. The net result is powerful, dynamic, and immersive.
Semi-Solid Concentric Conductors
In our Semi-Solid Concentric conductor topology, strands are packed more tightly and never change position within the bundle, significantly reducing strand-interaction distortion.
Direction-Controlled Conductors
A fundamental aspect of AudioQuest's multifaceted Noise-Dissipation technology, Direction-Controlled Conductors assure induced noise is dissipated and drained properly.

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