Audioquest Q2

Premier prix de la gamme Audioquest, le Q2 n'existe qu'en 2 x 3m. Prix pour la paire.

175,00 €

Données constructeur

Can a speaker cable sound great, be practical and easy to use, be sexy and be easily affordable? Yes! Q2's inner Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductor is surrounded by an outer spiral of 11 strands of LGC. The result is AQ's new flexible Solid+ Concentric Conductor, with sound quality even closer to that of an ideal solid conductor and yet big enough to make a great cable with only two simple-to-prepare conductors. Then, the two conductors (+ and -) are spiraled for minimum inductance (inductance makes sound seem out of focus), and maximum clarity and dynamics...and then this ideal cable is given a sexy, square, deep black outer jacket.

Fiche technique

USA et Canada